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  1. Michael Hake says:

    As a Cal Poly former graduate and new local author I was hoping you could run the attached press release. Could you let me know? I can be contacted at 481-4959
    Local Retired Teacher
    Turns Author

    Michael Hake, a retired Lucia Mar teacher, has just launched his first two books in the mystery thriller genre. Hake, a graduate of Coast Union High School in Cambria, Cuesta Junior College, and Cal Poly of San Luis Obispo, retired five years ago after thrity-three years in the classroom. For the last couple of years he has been writing his first books of a series. Two books are now listed on under Michael Hake. They should also be available for purchase in kindle format at the Kindle Store at at the end of May. The titles are Forgotten Past and Sins of My Brother.
    One unique aspect in both works of fiction is that they are set primarily in San Luis Obispo County. Much of the action takes place in Cambria where Sean Lordson, an ex-secret government operative, is located for much of the drama. Lordson is now a UC Santa Cruz English professor, but events have drawn him back into the life he had left far behind. His safety and that of his family will depend on his ability to use the skills he learned long ago.
    The reader will be drawn into settings such as the Cambria Pines Lodge, the Morro Bay waterfront, Camp Roberts, and many more references to the Central Coast.
    Book three in the series is well underway and comes out by July of 2011. The Spirit of San Luis restaurant and the San Luis Airport are the backdrop for some of the action in the Volume 3 tale depicting how the US found a way to alter the oil crisis America faces amid the Middle East turmoil.
    Go to and type in Michael Hake if you would like to see the local writer’s work.

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