Welcome to Mustang Daily Editor — a blog written by the Mustang Daily editor-in-chief at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo that is meant to keep you up to date on all things Mustang Daily.

My name is Leticia Rodriguez and I am a journalism senior from San Luis Obispo. As the editor-in-chief of a nationally recognized newspaper as well as a full-time college student, things can get pretty hectic. Between hounding down members of the university’s administration, running in and out of meetings and reminding my staff to put in their hours if they want to get paid, I don’t usually find as much time as I would like to sit down and write about what’s going on in the newsroom. And so, in addition with keeping readers up on the behind-the-scenes action at the paper, this blog has been created as a way to help me combat that.

People often wonder what we do in the newsroom. Just call a few people, ask a couple of questions and write down whatever words we want and print, right? Wrong.

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of the Mustang Daily. On any given day there can be up to 50 people in the newsroom making calls, studying, designing pages and pulling their hair out as they wait for a phone call from a source or advertising client.

So as you get acquainted with the editorial and advertising staff through this blog, feel free to leave a comment about what you want to see in the paper or what you would like me to blog about.

As always, keep reading the Mustang Daily!

— Leticia

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